Where to Get a Ski Boot Fitted Near Philadelphia

We have 26 bones in each foot, as well as 36 muscles and 56 ligaments, and no two feet are exactly alike. Ski boots are designed for protection and control, and we all know they aren’t supposed to be the most comfortable shoe. But they should fit right: that means no pain, no unnecessary movement, no extra tight spots. Modern boots are well-made pieces of equipment, but you should still get them fitted by a professional boot fitter, who will grind down problem areas and may add padding, making your skiing more comfortable and more controlled. The only problem is: where do you find a good ski boot fitter near Philadelphia?

You shouldn’t necessarily look to have ski boots fitted at the same place you buy them, but a few area stores specialize in fitting ski boots for Philadelphia skiers.

ski-boot-fitting-near-philadelphiaSalter’s Ski Shop in Eagleville, PA, is a good place to start. They have a selection of good ski boots, and will also work on boots you buy elsewhere. All fit work on boots bought in-store is free for a year after purchase. Call 610-539-8003 or visit saltersski.com. About 35-40 minutes from downtown Philly.

If you want a real foot professional (and ski fan), look up Bill “Cantman” Kaplan at Performance Pedorthics in Feasterville, PA. He’s a trained foot specialist and is generally regarded as the best around for ski boot fitting near Philadelphia. Call 215-760-8226 or email cantman@speakeasy.net. About 35 minutes from downtown Philly.

Another small ski shop with a reputation for good ski boot fitting near Philadelphia is Heinos Ski & Cycle in Pequannock Township, NJ. This one’s more of a hike, about 1 hour 45 from downtown Philly, but perhaps closer to some of the Poconos ski resorts. We’ve been told to ask for Greg. Call 973-696-3044 or visit heinosskiandcycle.com.

And of course there’s Buckman’s, the largest retailer of ski equipment in the Philadelphia area. They have a few locations, including one in King of Prussia, PA, and each has a good selection of boots. They provide free fittings and some staff members have years of experience and expertise, but some are less reliable than at the smaller stores. Still, theirĀ fittings are certainly good enough for beginners and intermediates. Call 610-265-3330 or visit buckmans.com. About 30 minutes from downtown Philly (I-76 dependent).

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